About Us

In today’s digital world, it’s impossible to escape the constant stream of information surrounding political, economic, and social issues. Our opinions are formed based off the information we consume — regardless of whether that information is fact or fiction.

As the foundation of democracy, our opinions shape policy, and demand more respect from representatives in our government. However, more representatives are choosing to act in their own or their party’s best interest rather than the interests of their constituents. In general, citizen’s interests have been lost with the decline of an accurate polling method. Traditional polls are no longer seen as reliable and do not provide a deep demographic analysis, as their polls are limited to a small group of Americans.

Our Country Our Vote (OCOV) is a platform designed to provide focused, reliable analysis on the issues shaping policies today. By providing real-time demographic analysis to larger populations, we can better gauge the opinions of citizens in every area of the country. Our vision is to change the way our government acts – starting with how polls are administered and analyzed.

Empower yourself by letting your voice, and vote, be heard. Today, more than ever, every vote matters.

**We are not affiliated with any political party, political campaign, lobbying group or other interest group.**